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Appleton Brothers Ltd

10 - Feb - 2015

Leading embroidery wool supplier


Embroidery Supplier in London

Embroidery Supplier


Welcome to Appleton Bros Ltd.

We are a leading embroidery wool supplier dealing with business to business sales on a worldwide basis. We have been established since 1835 and in that time we have excelled as the leading embroidery supplier.

Embroidery Supplies in London

Our dyed wool is made from pure wool and is spun and dyed in the UK allowing us to ensure a high level of quality throughout our range of embroidery supplies. We offer a wide range of embroidery supplies including:

  • Pure wool
  • Dyed wool
  • Tapestry wool
  • Needle point supplies
  • Embroidery wool

Wool Specialists

We can supply shade cards allowing you to use the cards to find the exact shade you need for your needle point, tapestry wool or embroidery wool before ordering. With our wealth of experience you can be sure that the service you receive is of the highest standard; we always go the extra mile to ensure total client satisfaction.

Call Today For Dyed Wool in London

For more information or to order shade cards, please do not hesitate to contact us now on 02089940711 and we will be happy to help. We look forward to your call.

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